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  • 新疆网友 2013-03-14 13:42 Xinjiang netizens

    The mobile phone will receive a notification of winning the prize. Check the website http://www.zhjhaoshengyin66.com/ and confirm that the website is like the real one. If there is no sweepstakes, please ask for more.


  • 物流经营户 2013-03-12 20:52 Logistics operators

    As Chuanhua Logistics now implements a compulsory fee system, the business of the operating households is down! Drivers need to pay a toll of 10 yuan to go to the logistics base for delivery! Does this comply with the national charging standard code? I hope you will go to Xiaoshan Chuanhua Logistics Base to verify the information, expose the facts, and return the driver to innocence!


  • 华夏 2013-03-12 20:01 Huaxia

    There are quality problems in the white ash decoration project in the factory building, peeling and peeling in a large area, cracks and leaks on the external wall surface, are there any qualified quality assessment and repair cost assessment units? I'm from Ningbo Ninghai


  • 方善良 2013-03-11 20:39 Fang Shanliang

    I am a supermarket operator. I purchased a batch of stainless steel kettles from Shuangcheng Stainless Steel Factory in the Hangzhou Wholesale Market. After selling a part of them, I found that almost 80% of the customers have exploded the kettles to varying degrees and locations after using them for 2-10 weeks. Cracking and leaking. This product brings great safety hazards to consumers. I think it is made of non-authentic stainless steel. In order to explain to customers, I actively contacted the wholesaler, but was informed that the wholesaler had no longer distributed the products of the factory. Later, I contacted the person in charge of the factory through various methods, but evaded for various reasons, and now I simply refused to answer my call. So I hope that through the platform of consumer visibility, help me solve this problem and let manufacturers tell me and my customers.


  • 代元涛 2013-03-07 14:54

    My parents used my hard-earned money to buy a Southeast V5 Lingzhi family car. I ordered it at the end of 2012. I now drive a little more than 2,000 kilometers. This is a happy event. I believe that domestic brands are suffering. Now I am suffering every day. Just worry as soon as you drive. For what? I wo n’t say anything else. The main point is that I ’m only 1,000 kilometers when I ’m about 1000 kilometers away. I accidentally found that I had to drive the car normally for 10 minutes. The car was idling on the spot and the steering wheel would actually There are fluctuations. My friend's car is not there at all, and this fluctuation will intensify when the maple leaves turn, and people's eyes will be obvious at a glance. The first time I went, the person who received me said that the problem of the airbag, the airbag shaking said that it was resolved, but it was not resolved afterwards. After that, 2 times, 3 times, 4 times, 5 times plus a total of 6 times today. There is no way to solve the problem. The slogan of the maintenance staff is almost the same now. The jitter is normal. The steering wheel of the car is jerky. I ca n’t help but have nowhere to say, only like a helping hand from society, help me!


  • tengpeifen 2013-03-06 00:02 tengpeifen

    I bought 3 cans of Gold Collar 1 milk powder from Yili Maternal and Baby Store in Chengdu, Sichuan, online. The milk powder was produced in February 2013. I found that the packaging and texture were different from those bought by the entity, and I was skeptical. The shop owner did not agree to request a return. They said that they must be tested by an authoritative organization to prove that they are fakes before they can be refunded. However, the first of his family cannot issue information that proves that they are genuine, and the second is not able to explain why the taste of the same origin is different. Consult the manufacturer 4008001111, and the manufacturer cannot be sure. I asked a lot of online stores and said that the taste of each batch will be different. Question 1: If it is genuine, why the taste of each batch will be different, the formula formula should be the same! Question 2: If it is fake, I called the manufacturer. Why didn't they just ignore it?


  • 张超兰 2013-01-07 15:01 Zhang Chaolan

    The Panasonic inverter air conditioner I bought at Jingdong Mall at the end of August was never used. During this time, the weather in Hangzhou was cold and I wanted to use it. After a few days, the after-sales staff came to see that Freon had all leaked light. Useless and leak light? So he decided to repair, just in time for New Year's Day, and finally decided to repair after New Year's Day, but he never came. Today, when I called, I first talked about looking for JD Mall. JD said that I would make a post-sale call. I said after the sale that it would take a month ... Seeing that it was going to be a New Year ... The customer service attitude was also not good. So cattle? After the New Year's Day and the New Year, according to the country, it will take another two years. I'm really speechless. Panasonic's products are really good. It doesn't matter if it is sold or not. The after-sales service of new things is so poor, so I highly recommend it. Panasonic's blacklist, the media burst! And hope to help resolve.


  • 2013-01-07 13:31

    Today, I received a text message, "Hello, your mobile phone number has been drawn as the second prize of the New Year's Eve Tour performance by << China Good Voice >>. You will receive 80,000 yuan (RMB) and Apple company sponsorship One Apple MacBooKPro notebook computer provided. Event official website: www.axc66.com Log in to the computer as soon as possible to check and collect. Your sign-in code is: [8168] Please note that the collection time is limited, and your eligibility will be left to the lower rank. The final interpretation right belongs to this station!


  • 陈月萍 2013-01-07 12:28 Chen Yueping

    I bought a children's down jacket at the Coco Duck flagship store on Tmall Mall. When I received the product, I found that there were 3D barcode scanning on the label. But I scanned with a mobile phone bar code and found that two of them displayed that the bar code was abnormal and could not scan the information. There was also a bar code that turned out to be adult T 桖 information of another brand. I asked the seller that the bar code was not scanned. The information that came out can only be scanned by using the special equipment of their store, and reflected to Tmall. Tmall said that it would allow me to provide the brand side's test voucher within 48 hours. Otherwise, the seller would be forced to make a payment. Cat Mall ’s reply made me completely speechless. Is n’t the barcode information wrong? Is n’t this the voucher given to us by the brand? If so, what ’s the difference from Sanwu ’s product, and what is the meaning of the label, I hope it can help us consume Let ’s discuss it, thank you!


  • 张小芳 2012-12-30 23:03

    This site is fake, deceptive ... scam money ...


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